Enabling Brands for Good Through Blockchain

Last week’s IAB Canada Community Uninterrupted event featured Founder CEO of WhatRocks, Njara Zafimehy, along with Director of Marketing Strategy at Lactalis Canada, Sameera Narang. Together, they shared how their collaboration is not only empowering Canadian consumers but also increasing brand awareness and engagement for Lactalis Canada’s Cracker Barrel, iÖGO and Lactantia PurFiltre brands.

This impressive discussion covered off success stories, challenges, and an obviously exciting new opportunity for the industry to leverage a new model for brand exposure. What really rocked about the discussion though, was that they covered something that is more relevant than ever. It was all about ‘giving back’. Giving back to those who are less fortunate through a simple, yet very innovative solution without consumers breaking their wallets and all while enabling brands to utilize every click and every view of their advertising dollars to the fullest (win a secured media environment)! That solution is WhatRocks.

Over the past couple of years, donations and public funding across various markets have been on a decline. But today, brands have the ability, not only to donate, but also to encourage donations. You can think of WhatRocks as a form of bitcoin for donations – or blockchain tokens called ‘Rocks’ as Njara mentioned. This platform allows advertisers and consumers donate to their charity of choice with a new and ground-breaking model that is a win-win-win for all; disable ad blockers, give the voice back to brands, and offer more to charities and those in need of support.

As Njara explained, WhatRocks works in the following order: 

  • First, consumers must download the WhatRocks wallet app on to their device. 
  • Then, as they navigate the web and click or view brands’ ads [that include the WhatRocks label], the consumers then get credits in form of ‘Rocks’ sent to their personal account within the WhatRocks wallet. 
  • With those ‘Rocks’ consumers can then make donations to the non-profits of their choice and/or redeem their ‘Rocks’ to buy tickets for events or acquire promo codes.
  • When that transaction is completed, the event organizers donate their ‘Rocks’ to a non-profit of their choice. 

If you’re interested in participating in discussions like these, reach out to committees@iabcanada.com .