Gold Medal to IAB for Simplifying Cross Jurisdictional Privacy Requirements

A recap of IAB Canada’s “Privacy Laws & Digital Advertising: Multi-jurisdictional Overview and Implications” webinar

Earlier today we hosted a virtual discussion with over 300 Canadian privacy professionals where we presented IABs newly released Cross Jurisdictional Privacy Project Compendium, titled “Privacy Laws & Digital Advertising: Multi-jurisdictional Overview and Implications,” which examines the privacy laws of 11 countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, and South Korea – and their impact on digital advertising, as well as legal specifications.

Michael Hahn, General Counsel, IAB and IAB Tech Lab, took us through the CJPP Compendium which provides an overview of the privacy laws from each of the selected countries and examines how they apply to digital advertising activities that may involve personal data. He then walked us through the CJPP Legal Specifications accompanying the Compendium, which sets forth the legal inputs necessary for a global privacy string to address the challenge of demonstrating compliance with various jurisdictions’ disparate notice and choice requirements.

We were then joined by our panel of legal experts who discussed what this means for us locally as many of our Canadian organizations operate across multiple nations and have complex compliance obligations. This work is extremely valuable to IAB Canada as we inch closer to launching our own version of the highly adopted GDPR compliance framework – the TCF – which would enable the signaling of consent preferences throughout the advertising ecosystem in compliance with PIPEDA.

For full access to the CJPP Compendium and the Legal Specifications discussed today, as well as a recording of today’s session, please click here.

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