Get the Facts: Non-Human Traffic

Non-human traffic on the internetNon-human, or illegitimate traffic, has an impact on all stakeholders in our industry – advertisers, agencies, and publishers. Not only can budgets be wasted but it can also affect important metrics that make digital media powerful and underpin our continued growth.

IAB Canada is hosting X-Series: Secure Market, November 19th in Toronto; to help advertisers, agencies, and publishers learn about what non-human traffic is, how it enters our supply chain, and how it can be reduced and eliminated, sharing guidelines and best practices.

In this blog post we’ll highlight five key facts about non-human traffic. At our event on November 19th, you’ll get some great takeaways that tie into much of what’s discussed here.

1. As much as 30% of all online traffic is non-human (Nielsen). This does not necessarily mean that 30% of all ad impressions are non-human, but it does underscore the scale of the issue we as an industry are up against.

2. Not all sources of supply are created equal. Non-human traffic rates vary greatly between environments curated by major, domestic publishing brands with well established, loyal audiences, and the seemingly endless proliferation of cookie-cutter websites built and generated for the sole purpose of impression generation and fraud (Casale Media).

3. Potentially 25% of budgets spent on online ads are wasted (Globe & Mail).

And our final two insights are from X-Series: Secure Market keynote speaker Ian Hewetson, VP Client Services at eyereturn marketing:

4. Analyzed at scale and cross-referenced with known fraudulent sites, domain registration data can be a treasure trove of intelligence on fraud detection. This is done either by looking for the registration data on domain owners, and investigating other domains registered by the same owners, or identifying high traffic domains that were registered very recently.

5. Viewability verification alone does not remove NHT from the equation.

At X-Series: Secure Market, Ian’s presentation is “Beyond the Blacklist: Five Ways You Can Avoid becoming a Fraud Statistic.” You don’t want to miss it.

For more excellent insights into illegitimate traffic and to get guidelines that outline the steps to take to reduce NHT in the Canadian market, register for X-Series: Secure Market today. REGISTER NOW.