Giving the Gift of Research

This week IAB Canada uploaded an additional 40 research reports, POV’s and other white papers to our Members-Only Knowledge Centre from respected sources, almost all from 2020.

These whitepapers hail from respected sources like Blue Carbon, Digiday, Edison Research, eMarketer, Forrester, Gartner, Google, IAB US, Ipsos, Kantar, the Retail Council of Canada, Salesforce, Standard Media Index, TAG – Trustworthy Accountability Group and the Winterberry Group among others.

The newly uploaded papers span a wide spectrum of digitally related topics including: tackling publisher audience churn and re-acquisition, email marketing, connected customers, OTT header bidding and the future of identity without cookies. They also explore media effectiveness learnings, retail loyalty, Gen Z grown-ups, martech drivers of brand performance, app monetization, the state of UGC and mobile app fraud. Also included are examinations of Canadian streaming audio and podcast listening, the news trust halo, programmatic advertising how-to for cannabis, in-app header bidding, U.S. fraud benchmarks, as well as COVID-19’s impact on brand safety, CMO spend priorities, Canadian ad spend and Canadian back-to-school shopping plans.

One noteworthy example is TAG’s 4th Annual U.S. Fraud Benchmark Study, from 2020, which was conducted to discover “whether rates of sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) and general invalid traffic (GIVT) were lower” for channels “in which multiple entities involved in the transaction – such as the media agency, buy-side platform, sell-side platform, and/or publisher – had achieved the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal”. The study of 353 billion impressions found an invalid traffic rate of just over 1%, 90% lower than approximately 11% on an industry wide basis.

The Spring 2020 Update of The Canadian Podcast Listener is another example worthy of comment. The report highlighted YouTube as the dominant platform used to access podcasts, followed by iTunes/Apple and then Spotify. However, Spotify is ahead of iTunes/Apple in podcast listening among the 18-34 age group.

In Beyond the App: The Evolving Nature of Mobile Fraud, Blue Carbon observes that “potential click fraud farms have been identified here in Canada, including one being identified just outside of Ottawa”. In their description of fraudulent behaviour patterns, they define Swarming as a clustering of mobile devices in a location where aggregations of many people seem illogical, such as in Lake Ontario near the Island Airport.

In addition to the many individual documents in the Knowledge Centre, you can also find entire conference archives, including recordings and presentations, from IAB Canada’s recent 2020 eCommerce Week and Advanced TV Week.

Watch for future IAB Canada notifications about the newest uploads to the Knowledge Centre, as we continue to build out this valuable repository of industry learning, as a go-to resource for our members.

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