IAB Canada in Support of Brand Safety in Digital Advertising

Brand safety is a top priority for the supply chain and IAB Canada firmly believes that it is critical to the brand and media owner relationship to ensure that advertisements do not land within inappropriate content.

IAB Canada has a long history of leading the mission to create a safe environment for brands in collaboration with its global network. From providing best practices to supplying definitions and organic inappropriate content lists, the focus has mainly been on providing the industry with tools.

Specifically in the case where brands place ads on user-generated content, it is critical that they leverage the tools they have available to give themselves full control of where their ads are placed. While user-generated content provides the incredible scale and niche content alignments many advertisers benefit from, it is a form of advertising that reminds us that digital media executions require hands-on, strategic attention.

It is for this reason that IAB Canada is committing to provide more sophisticated levels of training in the areas of brand safety over the coming weeks.

Our mandate is unwavering in that it is focused on securing the supply chain and re-establishing trust with advertisers.