IAB Canada launches the 2019 Salary Survey

Finding and retaining qualified digital talent in Canada is a challenge, particularly for high demand skill sets like data analysis and tech. In our recent Currency of Talent report we learned that offering the right compensation package is a key factor for drawing in new talent. Determining the right levels of compensation can be difficult in an industry that continues to demand diversified skills.

IAB Canada, in collaboration with member organizations, has developed and fielded the 2019 IAB Canada Salary Survey. The Salary report will provide our members with valuable insights in the average salary for over 75 digital marketing industry positions in Canada as well as the average benefits offered to employees, including standard health, office perks, training and location/office hours flexibility.

All participating IAB Canada members will have access to the report as early as next month while non-participating IAB Canada members will have access to a summary of the report in the members-only section of the website.

Interested in participating? Contact ksanderson@iabcanada.com