IAB Canada News about our News

In early 2020, IAB Canada shifted its entire communication strategy to serve the industry through the creation of our weekly Our Community Uninterrupted newsletter. We focused on providing our subscribers with rich content and access to our valuable industry papers and outputs. We have received tremendous feedback and we are so thrilled to have provided such a broad service to the industry particularly at such a challenging time. 

As we move towards recovery, we are refocusing our efforts towards our members. We believe that providing IAB Canada members with timely, accurate and clear information is our responsibility as stewards of the industry and as we look forward, will continue to provide valuable insights to our dedicated membership.  

Starting next week, we are making changes to our newsletter distribution. IAB Canada will continue to provide valuable insights, updates on our domestic and global IAB outputs each week exclusively to our members. We thank you for your continued investment in our work and look forward to continuing to deliver added value each week. 

Non-members who have opted into our newsletter will receive communication on a less frequent basis and will have limited access to our studies, Barometer reporting, updates and other outputs.  

If your organization would like to join the IAB Canada community, please contact membership.  

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