IAB Canada Policy Update

With the focus in Ottawa shifting back to the PMO’s mandate letters, things are heating up on a policy front. Here is a short summary of some of our current areas of focus:


On Tuesday of this week, IAB Canada attended a meeting with the ACA-led coalition of advertisers to discuss the status of Bill S-228/Marketing to Kids. This coalition is comprised of both industry associations and advertisers who are impacted by proposed legislation.

The purpose of the meeting was to review, answer questions and gain group endorsement of a proposed self-regulatory framework that has been developed by the key stakeholder groups. This confidential proposal is a well thought out solution that would address many of Health Canada’s concerns while also addressing some of the industry’s concerns with the initially proposed legislation. The proposal will be presented in Ottawa in the coming weeks and IAB Canada has fully endorsed the efforts. We promise to keep our members posted on any future developments and will share information as it becomes available.


Last week we took a big step forward in the development of the Transparency Consent Framework (TCF), a solution for PIPEDA compliance designed specifically for the complexity of programmatic advertising. The conversation started with a key group of IAB Canada members whose organizations helped champion the development and adoption of the groundbreaking framework in Europe. This TCF working group is cracking on revising the existing policy to ensure that it works with our Canadian privacy laws. This is a very exciting initiative and we will be sharing the refined details to our broader membership once the taskforce has completed the policy draft. We also continue to work with the DAAC to see how this framework could possibly enhance the current Ad Choices program.

In addition, IAB Canada was a part of a larger discussion on the legislation in Quebec and its possible influence on Federal reform. We expect to meet with the OPC and ISED in the coming months to get a truer status on when we can expect enhanced privacy laws in Canada.

In other policy news, we continue to work on our industry response to consultations put out by Elections Canada as well as the development of a truly local database that would make programmatic buying of local media more accessible and streamlined.

If you have any questions or would like to get more involved, please contact policy@iabcanada.com