IAB Canada Releases 2022 Media Inflation Report

After several years of uncertainty about the impact of global affairs on our industry, IAB Canada released The Media Inflation 2022 Report to assess the rising costs of media. Sourced through industry studies and IAB Canada Barometer reporting and survey responses from the buy-side membership (which includes the major holding companies in Canada), the report provides valuable insights and strategic recommendations for media investors. 

The study indicates marked increases in the areas of online video and search among other interesting facts.  

Some key reasons for pricing increases expected in 2022 include: 

  • Demand for higher quality content 
  • Shortage of inventory within certain formats 
  • Increased competition due to an influx in eCommerce 
  • General market inflation and costs of production 

IAB Canada encourages wider distribution of the report to C-Level marketing executives and procurement departments within the brand community. 

IAB Canada will be presenting the reports at our Council and Committee meetings and will hold town hall discussions to unpack the content in greater detail in the coming weeks.