IAB Canada Releases 2022 Salary Survey Findings

While 2022 has proven to be an unpredictable year for everyone it has been particularly challenging for those responsible for hiring at the agency level. With the top half of the year presenting industry with significant talent shortages across the board, Q4 is beginning to reveal a major restructuring in the works. While market uncertainty persists, attracting and retaining skilled digital marketing professionals remains a key challenge and knowing the current salary and benefit trends across Canada is what can help agencies stay competitive.  

Compiling feedback from our agency members through our annual IAB Canada Salary Survey we have put together our in-demand report that is utilized as a hiring and compensation planning guide for Human Resources (HR) Managers and Executives working in the digital advertising industry across Canada. Covering 41 agency roles, this year’s study provides insights on everything from roles by department (including titles, responsibilities and average salaries) as well as compensation bands. This report also outlines employee and health benefits, office perks, training, parental leave and vacation time and deep dives into the topic of retention and turnover rates in the agency world today. 

Some key findings include:  

  • The online advertising industry has experienced an unprecedented increase in median salaries in 2022.  
  • With the exception of VP roles, all areas of talent have seen steep increases with middle management and on-the-ground practitioners being the most expensive.  
  • Entry level positions have seen the greatest increase while roles playing highly practical functions like campaign management have increased in value and higher-level roles have remained relatively flat.  
  • Regional agencies have reported continued upward pressure on salaries as talent looks to remote opportunities offered by global agencies or organizations that are based in Toronto which typically, pay higher compensation.  

The IAB Canada Salary Survey results have been made available to participating respondents but if you are interested in purchasing a copy, please reach out to talent@iabcanada.com.