IAB Canada Releases Best Practices to Eliminate Non-Human Traffic Inventory Sources

At the end of 2014, IAB Canada put together a task force and asked them to examine the issues surrounding the growing problem of non-human traffic in the digital advertising ecosystem, and work to find possible solutions. Now, we’re ready to share what they found.

Andrew Casale (Index Exchange), Matt Thornton (Google), Nancy McConnell (Bell Media) and Julie Ford (IAB Canada) discovered that a key strategy in eradicating (or at the very least, curbing) bot traffic is through industry education – we must learn how to fight back against this fraud at a more detailed level. Spotlighting this issue, especially the tactics behind it, will force bot suppliers out from the shadows and diminish their ability to continue profiting from their actions. Ultimately, our hope is this effort and others like it will help diminish non-human traffic across the entire ecosystem.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, make sure you read the Best Practices to Eliminate Non-Human Traffic Inventory Sources today for a roadmap that will help you navigate this issue and come out on top.