IAB Canada releases TCF Canada Policies for Public Commentary

Privacy continues to shape the future of digital advertising in Canada and around the world.

On the heels of GDPR in the EU, the newly tabled revisions to privacy legislation in Canada are designed to hold Canadian businesses to higher standards and accountability. CPPA calls for the industry to respond with a framework for privacy that provides enhanced transparency, accountability and increased control over individual consent to use personal information in the context of advertising.

IAB Canada is proud to release the draft policies for the Canadian Transparency and Consent Framework as an important step towards contributing to a global approach to responsible, privacy-protected media transactions. As the industry works towards advanced solutions for a cookieless reality, the TCF is being designed as a technology-neutral method for delivering meaningful consent signals in a complex eco-system.

As of today, we are releasing these policies for public commentary. Interested stakeholders are invited to provide feedback from February 18th, 2021 to March 20th, 2021 (30 days public comment period).

Three years in, the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) continues to hold as the best-in-class approach to compliance with the rigorous GDPR requirements. The TCF is in its second iteration and continues to be refined based on industry and regulatory feedback.

IAB Canada formed a working group in 2020 to adapt the TCF to PIPEDA requirements in anticipation of reforms to privacy legislation in Canada. In collaboration with IAB Europe and the IAB Tech Lab, the working group has now completed a draft of the policies that will inform the technical development of a unique consent string designed for Canadian compliance requirements by IAB Tech Lab. The policies also outline requirements and expectations for stakeholders to access participation in the TCF Canada Framework.

Following the close of the public comment period, the policies will be sent to IAB Tech Lab’s Global Privacy Working Group, who are currently working deep in design details for the Global Privacy Platform technical architecture, which will support TCF Canada. This framework will be the first net new regional policy supported by these efforts.

To find out more information on the TCF, please click here.

To find out more information on the Global Privacy Framework working group click here.

To submit any questions or feedback regarding these policies please email tcfcanada@iabcanada.com