Grocery Clicks and Collects on eCommerce in Canada

According to a recent study by IAB Canada Member Time + Space Media, the online grocery shopper is here to stay. In “The Rise of the Omnichannel Grocer Shopper” they not only explore the different models for online grocery (subscription vs. free delivery) a picture is also painted of each of the distinct consumer groups active in this fragmented space. 

The COVID-19 pandemic saw ecommerce explode with a 99.3% growth from February to May 2020, and a 110.8% increase year over year from May 2019. This growth was significantly evident for the multi-billiondollar consumer goods market who saw their consumers quickly move online to fulfil their online grocery needs. The burning question that remains to be answered is: will these shoppers continue to shop online post-pandemic, or will they go back in store? 

Prior to the COVID outbreak, CPG giants like Loblaw were quietly investing in click and collect options. Uptick was modest, but once the pandemic hit other companies were quickly forced to join the fold as consumers en masse were staying home for reasons of safety. The growth in ecommerce grocery shopping has been exponential, completely changing not only the way CPGs stock shelvesbut also how Canadians fill their carts. 

Exploring habits using Vividata’s cross-media and consumer research, this report reveals a true shift in the profile of the principal shopper, along with which consumer segment is more likely to continue perusing the online grocery aisle, and who is likely to go back to pre-pandemic habits.  

IAB Canada will be spending a great deal of time unpacking the many layers of the online commerce world, having recently formed an eCommerce working group with a mandate to stay informed on the growth of the sector as well as the use of first party data for effective digital media investments both locally and globally. We are also in the midst of developing a Digital Thought Leaders in Session focusing on eCommerce for later this year. If you are an IAB Canada member and would like to roll up your sleeves and join this group, please send us an email to