IAB Canada Working Groups 2020/21

IAB Canada has created several new working groups to address major issues the industry faces today and in the coming years. The groups are formed based on member feedback, global industry developments and regulatory activity. If you would like to join any of our groups below, please contact us.

Following are the key areas of focus for 2021 and beyond:


  • Alignment on submissions to OPC and ISED regarding all privacy related matters including federal and provincial privacy legislation. This group also cover CASL and other privacy-related matters

TCF Canada

  • Provide the Canadian industry a viable, proven privacy compliance framework to address existing and reformed policy in Canada
  • Creation of TCF privacy string for PIPEDA to help with compliance with current and future legislation

Marketing to Kids

  • Ensure that the voice of the digital advertising industry is represented in lobbying efforts regarding Bill S-228
  • Provide the Canadian digital media industry with a viable signal-based approach to any age-gating requirement that might arise from M2K regulation


  • Quick enablement of compliance with Bill C-76 in past and future elections.
  • Assisting Elections Canada in making informed digital media policy decisions (rooted in the reality of the eco-system)
  • Ensuring that the concerns of our industry are heard as potential amendments are determined.

Local/Domestic Media

  • Leveling the playing field and developing opportunities for domestic media

Diversity & Inclusion

  • To ensure that member organizations are as diverse and as inclusive as the audiences on the digital medium in Canada


  • Preparing the industry for cookie independence and enabling Canadian representation in discussions around re-imagining the industry in a post-cookie eco-system


  • Provide information and understanding of cannabis legislation as it relates to the digital space

*NEW Additions 2021                                                                   

Artificial Intelligence

  • Explore implications of new privacy laws and social misconceptions on the advancement of technology in this space
  • Discussion on industry self-regulation and ethics

Effective Contextual Marketing (non-behavioral advertising)

  • Exploring cohort targeting and addressability


  • Staying ahead of industry efforts around cross-media measurement in coordination with the global IAB Tech Lab initiatives working on standards and emerging needs/definitions

Canadian Research Consortium

  • IAB Canada Index development – industry research triangulation across core metrics to provide enhanced data to the Canadian media industry

Gold Standard Eco-System

  • Working with global IABs and Canadian advertisers to develop minimum thresholds to achieve acceptable standards in supply chain safety

Modernized Digital Media Services

  • Assisting service providers to help get ahead of opportunities to remain competitive and highly relevant for the digital media sector
  • Discussions around services required for the rapidly evolving eco-system – including martech integrations and consultancy

Coalition for Better Ads

  • Ensuring that IAB Canada membership is represented at the onset of standard development


  • Staying informed on eCommerce and the use of 1st party data for effective digital media investments
    – Keeping track of the DTC eco-system globally and in Canada

Terms & Conditions

  • Review existing standard terms and conditions
  • Identify gaps in requirements – i.e. media types, nuances like viewability and other issues

Age Gating

  • Understand circumstances/use cases for age-gating today and in the coming years


* This is a dynamic industry! Please note this list will be updated as Working Groups emerge to address new topics.