IAB Canada’s Video Spotlight – October 2014 – Beautiful Age

Beautiful Age
True Reach: 732,017 views
% Change in Views: 2,969

In honor of its 50th anniversary, Dove has released a Real Beauty campaign in Canada that focuses exclusively on age.

Beautiful Age is built on a single statistic, as are many of the campaigns that fall under the Real Beauty umbrella: 87% of Canadian women aren’t proud to reveal their age in public. The campaign’s main video poses the question, “shouldn’t every age feel beautiful,” by juxtaposing the reactions of young girls and adult women when they are asked to share their age with the world. The young girls eager shout their ages, while the women shy away from the question.

The campaign is similar in format to Dove’s hit from 2013, Camera Shy, in which the brand juxtaposed the reactions of young girls and women when they are approached with a camera. The youngsters, of course, ham it up for the camera, while the women hide. That campaign has generated 31.6 million views, to date.

In the 11 days since it was launched, Beautiful Age has generated more than 732,000 views. The viewership will continue to grow steadily, however, as the brand releases more content online. As part of the campaign, Dove is releasing 50 stories of women celebrating beauty at every age over the next 50 days, with the hope of changing attitudes toward aging.

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Not only does this year mark Dove’s 50-year anniversary, but also it marks the 10-year anniversary of its Campaign for Real Beauty, which first launched in 2004 after a global study found that only 2% of women around the world describe themselves as beautiful. At the time, the campaign was groundbreaking in its use of real women of all shapes, sizes, and colors who were shown without airbrushing or photoshopping. It started a global debate about standards of beauty and how women are valued based on those standards.

While the goal of the campaign has always been to celebrate women and inspire confidence in their individual beauty, the brand has never shied from debate. It’s that debate that has made its campaigns, like Real Beauty Sketches, some of the most viewed in history.

More importantly, however, Dove’s willingness to produce conversation-creating content, featuring real women and real issues, has opened the door for campaigns that empower women. This is a trend that we’ve seen surface this year from Always’ #LikeaGirl to Pantene’s #ShineStrong and #NotSorry and GoldieBlox’s The Princess Machine.

Still, it is Dove’s decade long campaign to encourage positive body images in women that remains the gold standard of go-girl advertising, as they find different and new ways to open conversations.