IAB Tech Lab Tackles Data Transparency

As presented at this year’s IAB Canada State of the Nation, IAB Tech Lab has officially released the very first of its kind DataLabel.org industry initiative, to provide all industry stakeholders greater transparency into important details around data composition and quality.

What is it?

DataLabel.org was developed by a broad cross-section of industry thought leaders to establish transparency standards across all organizations that buy and/or sell data. The standards apply to all uses of data including targeting, personalization and measurement. While DataLabel.org represents a Data Transparency Standard, the initiative concurrently launched an affiliated Compliance Program that we anticipate, will see rapid global adoption.

The program provides data buyers with a solid understanding of ‘what’s inside the data box’ – similar to a nutritional label that gets appended on packaged foods. Each ‘DataLabel’ will include in-depth information into segment quality on the basis of:

  • Who provided the data segment
  • What audience segment the label describes
  • How the segment was constructed
  • Where the original data segments came from

DataLabel.org is not designed to rank or grade data quality from respective providers. It is based 100% on disclosure, leaving buyers to make their own informed, decisions.

For more information, please refer to the press release or contact IAB Canada Councils & Committees.