Innovation in Market Intelligence-  Pelmorex on The Power of Data

IAB Canada held its annual Report on Data event on November 29th, in Toronto. With several presentations focused on the current state of data in Canada, we followed up with the Head of Product, Data, Insights and AdTech at Pelmorex, Nadim Jamal. Recently, Pelmorex has been working to provide agencies with stronger strategies backed by reliable data and insights with their newly launched product, LandScape, a comprehensive market intelligence platform. We wanted to learn more about.  

IAB Canada (IABC): Can you give us an overview of LandScape and its mission? What sets this product apart in the realm of market intelligence?  

Nadim: So when we look at what agencies are aiming to accomplish in today’s economy, it can really be boiled down into three things; winning new business, growing existing accounts and executing high performing campaigns all backed by a deep understanding of their client’s target groups. Proper market intelligence has become a very valuable asset for those that are looking to remain competitive in this evolving digital environment.   

Achieving this has become quite a challenging task for a lot of businesses, especially with the shift into a cookieless world, where obtaining high quality data has become very difficult. So, how does an agency access strong “market intelligence” that not only helps achieve those goals mentioned above, but also presents a more modern approach to providing insights in this evolving environment?   

That’s where LandScape comes in…..  

LandScape is a comprehensive insights tool designed to empower agencies. The mission is to provide a deep understanding of the people and places relevant to our users’ businesses so our solution combines over 400,000 mapped locations, 5 years of pre-loaded data, and trade area analysis in one user-friendly platform.  

LandScape accomplishes what many other platforms strive for but often fall short of achieving. It unlocks a new dimension of market intelligence for agencies by providing exclusive insights about their clients and their markets based on proprietary, consented high quality, first-party, anonymized and aggregated Canadian data. 

IABC: For agencies, how does a solution like LandScape contribute to winning new business and growing existing accounts?  

Nadim: LandScape equips agencies with answers to crucial questions like how many people are visiting clients’ stores and when. Our platform has been designed to delve into the details rather than provide surface level insights, such as the demographics of users visiting clients versus their competitors’ stores.  

 The product contains various features built to help agencies learn more about their client markets. For example, the trade area analysis feature, allows agencies to examine the effective trade areas of their clients and their competitors. As an agency, the ability to fully understand the origins and destinations of users visiting your clients and their competitor’s stores makes a huge difference when it comes to winning new business.   

IABC: What about executing campaigns? How would something like LandScape fit in? 

Nadim: With the market intelligence gathered from the platform, the goal is to then help identify potential segment strategies, allowing agencies to craft campaigns with a deep understanding of their clients’ target group in the form of addressable audiences. LandScape answers critical questions like where users come from and go before and after visiting stores and provides insights into competitors’ key audience segments, enabling agencies to refine their conquesting campaigns for maximum impact.   

We wanted to develop a product to empower our agency partners to make smarter decisions. LandScape emerges as a catalyst for agencies seeking a competitive edge in the marketing world. The platform’s ability to provide in-depth answers to crucial questions sets it apart. It is a robust solution for agencies who are aiming to not only understand their clients and competitors but also to strategically grow and thrive in the dynamic business environment. 

IABC: What should agencies be considering when choosing intelligence partners?  

Nadim: Clients and agencies need to feel comfortable that they are working with an organization that believes in providing a clear value exchange, has a commitment to protecting its users’ privacy and a brand that has been built on trust. Founded over 30 years ago, we feel well positioned in leading the way in Canadian data and technology solutions with a mission to provide insightful and tailored solutions for businesses.  

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