Getting the Full Picture – New Tools to Unearth Audiences on CTV

CTV in Canada is on the rise. Our latest revenue survey showed a conservative estimate of $658M in 2022 and we expect to see continued growth given the steady uptake in CTVs across the country. One industry leader and IAB Canada member Samsung Ads, are reporting more than 5.5 million Samsung TVs currently set-up in the Canadian market. It’s no surprise that advertisers are taking note.  

As with all emerging media, we can anticipate an accelerated rate of innovation to help drive adoption and standards in the market. This week we sat down with Dave Pauk, Director, Head of Canadian Sales at Samsung Ads Canada to hear about what to watch in the CTV space as the year comes to an end.  

IAB Canada (IABC): When we look at CTV as a whole, what would you say is one of the key issues facing the industry today?  

Dave Pauk (DP): Advertisers have cited measuring incremental reach as their top challenge as they navigate the Connected TV landscape. It’s getting more and more difficult for buyers to understand where they are overspending and see the “wastage” while identifying the potential blind spots and where they could be optimizing. Today’s reality is that many advertisers are missing over 40% of their audience.  

IABC: What is the team at Samsung Ads doing to help solve this problem? 

DP: To help manage this we have developed the Samsung Ads Reach Advisor – a tool that answers a few central questions plaguing advertisers today:  

  • Who are you reaching with linear and AVOD? 
  • Who is still unexposed? 
  • What does the overlap look like? 

This pre-sales planning tool, agnostic of Samsung proprietary data, highlights who advertisers are missing with their current strategy – across both linear and CTV platforms. We accomplish this by analyzing AVOD/CTV reach, linear reach, overlap between the two, and TVs still unexposed, to get a clearer sense of the entire buy so that advertisers can activate against their missed and underreached audiences with greater accuracy. It’s a strategic tool that can better inform an advertiser’s GTM plan. 

IABC: Can you give us a real-life example of how the Reach Advisor was put to use? 

DP: Prior to the launch of Reach Advisor in Canada, we ran a beta test with a large travel client. The results were eye-opening – 28% of their target audience (travel intenders) were missed despite efforts in linear & AVOD, and there was significant overlap (11%) between their Linear and AVOD buys suggesting some ad waste or duplication on top of unreached audiences. 

IABC: And lastly, how would someone get started? 

DP: Reach Advisor insights are available exclusively from Samsung Ads. Find out more about the Samsung Ads Reach Advisor here or reach out directly here

For more information on CTV check out IAB Canada’s CTV Resource page or join the community to delve into the topic of video.