IAB Releases Compendium of International Privacy Laws and their Implications for Digital Advertising

Today, IAB’s Legal Affairs Council released their Cross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project (CJPP) Compendium, titled “Privacy Laws & Digital Advertising: Multi-jurisdictional Overview and Implications,” which examines the privacy laws of 11 countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, and South Korea – and their impact on digital advertising, as well as legal specifications.

The CJPP Compendium provides an overview of the privacy laws from each of the selected countries and examines how they apply to digital advertising activities that may involve personal data. The CJPP Legal Specifications accompanying the Compendium, sets forth the legal inputs necessary for a global privacy string to address the challenge of demonstrating compliance with various jurisdictions’ disparate notice and choice requirements.

In addition to the Compendium, the CJPP also published a visual representation that compiles key elements of privacy laws to find similarities and differences between jurisdictions. The Legal Specifications are intended to inform the IAB Tech Lab’s development of a global privacy string by providing a single set of concepts for purpose, notice, and choice; and to map out how the privacy laws of participating jurisdictions relate to that standardized set of concepts. To access this work, click here

As we inch closer to launching the TCF Canada, this work is of particular interest and significance to our policy team and our stakeholders – many of whom operate globally and have complex compliance obligations. In order to make sense of it all and to discuss the significance of these efforts, we are excited to be hosting “Canada’s Privacy Legislation and Its Impact on Digital Advertising” on July 27th at 1pm EST. This webinar, featuring a panel of privacy experts, will highlight the results of our examination of Canadian privacy laws and more importantly, the practical impact of these laws on digital advertising participants and their transactions. We will also turn our focus to the set of technical standards being developed by the IAB Tech Lab to aid participants in digital ad transactions and communicate their compliance with differing local privacy requirements. And finally, we will discuss the role that the Canadian TCF can play as organizations work to comply with PIPEDA.

This session is free to attend, and we encourage you to join us and to invite anyone outside of our IAB Canada community. The full agenda and registration link can be found here.