Single source data? Try getting a holistic view instead.

Media research and data is an increasingly hot topic. Data drives insights that turn into strategies which drive media spending decisions. That hasn’t changed, what has changed is the explosion of media choices that consumers can make. What’s missing is a holistic unduplicated view of those media choices. Typically the starting point is to declare the need for a single source panel and then deep dive into the arguments about which existing panel will prevail.

What we did last year in our Canadian Media Usage Study (CMUST) was to ask Rob Young to make some best guesses about the known unknowns. For instance “how much streaming online radio was being listened to by Canadians?” and “how does that relate to regular radio?”. We also compared the amount of digital video watching to television viewing and saw about an 85/15 split. But we felt that we could only point to certain things and say here are things we just don’t know like OTT viewing through consoles and other devices.

This year we went a little further and tried to quantify the whole digital media consumption through various sources and bring it all into one holistic view with all media. Although duplication is not addressed it is a surprising view of where the media time goes. Rob Young of PHD will be presenting on December the 4th at X-Series Metrics. Personally I think the work done by Rob is outstanding and should be seen by all senior media professionals. To sweeten the pot we have an added bonus of 3 pieces of Canadian research. To choose these three pieces we set up a jury and criteria to judge. We had 12 submissions and the jury selected the best of the lot. I hope to see you there.