Top 2 Digital Marketing Tips from Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-Founder and COO of StackAdapt

Vitaly PecherskiyHere is part two of our “digital marketing tips” blog post series. Over the coming months, we’ll publish a new blog post where an IAB Canada course instructor will share key digital marketing insights. For more tips, news, and helpful information from IAB Canada, be sure to sign up for our e-Newsletter.

Many of us have a basic understanding of digital marketing but when it comes to coming up with a digital strategy and fully understanding all aspects of digital, we may need some help.

That’s why IAB Canada offers a wide array of courses in digital marketing and advertising taught by leaders in the industry. In this post, Vitaly Pecherskiy, IAB Canada course instructor and Co-Founder and COO of StackAdapt, shares two excellent digital marketing takeaways that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Although this is just a sampling of the incredible information you’ll get in one of our courses, the post is filled with great insights you can put to use right away:

1. Understand what vanity metrics are and avoid using them as key performance indicators (KPIs). For example, if you produced a piece of content that reached 1000 people but none of them shared it on Facebook, does that mean it was bad content, or that it was just not shareable? Good content doesn’t have to be shareable, it has to be impactful. Find ways to distinguish the two.

Ask yourself these questions (from IAB Canada):

    • Do you have KPIs to measure the success of your marketing efforts? Are they tangible and pertinent to your business goals?
    • Have you made sure that your KPIs can be measured and are in fact measured consistently?


2. In the future there won’t be a concept of campaigns and splitting budgets among digital channels – social, display, mobile, video, native. In the future it will all be an always-on channel that will self-optimize and deliver the personalized marketing message or content to the right audience across devices in real time.

We hope that these takeaways give you some things to think about when it comes to getting started and excelling in online marketing.

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