Unlocking AI’s potential in Marketing Education – A conversation with Sonia Carreno

In a recent online interview with ME +ai’s Liz Oke, Sonia Carreno, President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada, spoke about the profound influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on marketing and marketing education. With nearly a decade of dedicated service at IAB Canada and a lifelong passion for technology, Sonia brings forth invaluable insights positioned at the forefront of AI innovation. 

Throughout the discussion, Sonia intricately navigates the evolving realm of AI, from its impact on media planning and buying processes to its role in content creation and operational efficiency. She shares a strategic vision aimed at leveraging AI to drive industry advancements while ensuring the success of IAB Canada members in the dynamic digital marketing space. 

Sonia also explores the future trajectory of AI, highlighting the urgent need for balanced regulations that foster innovation while safeguarding privacy and human rights. Through her perspective, audiences gain a deeper understanding of AI’s potential to reshape industries, cultivate job opportunities, and enrich personal and professional experiences.  

Watch the full interview here

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