Another Tool for the Toolkit – An IAB Canada Guide to CDPs released today!

As we work to help our members prepare for Cookie Independence we are excited to release our latest guide that covers an emerging ad tech must-have, the Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Recent developments in the digital advertising ecosystem stemming from consumer trust issues, increasing global regulatory constraints and shifting technical standards (most significantly, the diminishment of third-party cookies), has placed critical importance on all businesses obtaining, managing and working with first party data. The demand to ‘know thy consumer’, anticipating their wants and needs through a direct 1:1 relationship, has never been greater. Although Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have done a great job at managing and storing customer interactions, today’s complex datascape requires advanced tools to meet the challenges the industry faces. 

With critical changes to addressability coming into effect in the coming months, advertisers will need to organize their customer data in a way that is ready to interface with the portfolio of new methods to reach audiences. To do this, they will need to implement advanced data management technology that offers multi-dimensional services like a CDP.

This progressive technology manages larger data sets with advanced features like AI and machine learning, to provide real-time insights into the customer journey and allows for hyper-segmentation and communications design that is personalized and effective.

IAB Canada recognizes that when it comes to articulating the true data value exchange to consumers, CDPs provide the industry with one of the most powerful narratives. Meaningful customization of experiences and communications requires timely and accurate data. IAB Canada believes that CDPs play a significant role in the future of addressability.

The CDP guide is an organic document that will be updated as more information becomes available. We invite you to check out our upcoming events including our Spotlight on CDP series that will help bring the contents of the guide to life provide informative discussions around the shifting landscape.