Audio is Having a Moment – Are you Listening?

Thanks to the increasingly connected lives of consumers, audio has officially reached critical mass and a broader pattern of smartphone use combined with a more connected mobile lifestyle, has positioned audio to play a more central role in consumers’ lives. This is even more evident during the recent outbreak of Covid-19 as according to emarketer most Canadians are turning to traditional formats like broadcast TV and radio for their information.

IAB Canada’s annual CMUST study also showed online audio as a category ripe for marketer utilization with a weekly reach growth from 50% to 70%.

This constant connectivity is a new reality that has driven innovation within smart speaker technologies, connected cars, and devices in the home. Moreover, as consumer demand drives interest in new voice-activated products, advertisers are encouraged to explore a world of no-screen media consumption.

IAB Canada’s recently launched Audio Guide, put together in collaboration with our Audio Committee, is designed to provide all stakeholders with the information and resources necessary to take advantage of digital audio advertising opportunities.

To help advertisers take full advantage of this captive audience we have designed an all new half-day workshop that will showcase all of the opportunities that exist for advertisers in digital audio and cover everything you need to know to get starting in building Audio advertising campaigns today. This course will run for a half day on May 12th and will be taught by Rahul Sethi at Vividata and Jeff Galad from Triton.

Topics Covered include:

  • How to develop a digital audio marketing strategy
  • Digital audio ad units and targeting options
  • How digital audio is bought and sold
  • Tracking digital audio and measuring campaign success
  • Digital audio creative best practices

To join us please register here.