It’s on – The IAB Canada Law 25 Compliance Checklist

As of Friday, September 22nd the bulk of Quebec’s Law 25 privacy regime obligations – the highest standard we have ever seen in our country – officially come into effect.  

And while a few of the requirements are still a bit murky some  are abundantly clear. Here are five things you should be doing today to get yourself ready.  

  1. Understand the new obligations – speak with your Chief Privacy Officer or work with external legal counsel to understand the requirements of this Law and the best path forward for your organization. 
  1. Be more transparent with your consumers – A key component of this legislation is the requirement to provide notice at time of collection. And if you are not already, now is the time to start working with a consent management platform (CMP) to give users the information and control they require before you start collecting their data.  
  1. Keep track of the work you are doing – keep consent records, have formalized internal processes, and use what is available to you so that you can demonstrate that you are doing everything possible to be privacy first. 
  1. Use all the tools available to you – If you are an ad tech vendor or a CMP, you can now register for TCF Canada. And if you are a brand or publisher, look to work with TCF Canada registered providers. 
  1. Join the Conversation – become a part of IAB Canada’s privacy working group and provide your voice to upcoming consultations as the CAI releases new guidance.  Reach out to 

*Please note that this is not legal advice. We strongly encourage members to work with internal or external legal counsel.