Nailing Sustainability – IAB Tech Lab Releases a Playbook for Programmatic

Following IAB Tech Lab’s formation of a committee focusing on producing guidance and tools to address industry’s efforts to reduce carbon impact on the programmatic supply chain in January, the group has developed a rapid response with the release of “The Sustainability Playbook”. This output aims to provide best practices as well as “quick wins” and practical solutions to improve on programmatic practices that could make a significant impact today. 

Reviewing the list of solutions reminds us of the win-win environment we create when we implement energy-saving solutions. Whether it’s reducing the number of transactions in the bid stream, watching out for “lazy loads”, implementing managerdomain and inventorypartnerdomain or simply sending a single multi-format ad request as opposed to sending separate ad requests per format, all roads lead to less noise, less energy consumption and generally, more streamlined and secured experiences for all stakeholders. 

It’s this type of work that feeds into the greater meaning of sustainability. We encourage you to review the content in the guide and reach out with any comments or further ideas to share with the global IAB community.