The Tip of the Iceberg – Apple launches iOS 14 and throws down the “opt-in” Gauntlet

The sun has officially set on Apple’s IDFA as the tech giant rolled out its latest software update that gives users on mobile devices the option of stopping apps from using their location for tracking and sharing other identifying data with third parties. Apple committing to the concept of “explicit consent” with regards to storing user data, is the first material indicator that the industry is moving towards an increasingly opt-in regime. Meanwhile, Bill C-11 which includes significant changes to our current principles-based PIPEDA is in Senate and becoming more likely to pass each day. As Canadians get closer to having full control over how their data is being used, the digital advertising industry would do well to prepare for the inevitable. 

For years the industry has defended the flexibility and balanced approach to privacy that the opt-out PIPEDA regime provides. IAB Canada continues to support the same flexibility and defense for the use of data for legitimate business purposes of advertising – the primary source of funding for free access to content on the web. The time has come though, to adopt solutions that will continue to support these purposes in a nuanced way that not only shows meaningful progress towards providing best practices to consumers, but also moves with the industry and the technical realities that await us in a cookieless world. 

We could debate the recent moves designed to protect privacy made by tech giants or, we could spend what little time we have to prepare all stakeholders for the transition. Through IAB Canada’s work with the Global Privacy Platform developing the tech specs to signal consent across the supply chain that conform to existing legislation while keeping a close eye on the future, we are ensuring the industry does not experience the same hangover as was experienced in the EU. Additional work from the IAB Tech Lab around IDFA and SKadNetwork IDs, common taxonomy to enable enhanced contextual advertising and the work around standards for unified IDs is critical for the industry’s future. 

We are fully committed to educating and preparing our industry for the inevitable onslaught of disruption. From our series on Preparing for Cookie Independence, our Guide to Consent Management Platforms to and the most recent IAB Tech Lab tool for managing and maintaining SKAdNetwork ID list in response to Apple’s recent changes, IAB Canada continues to build tools are members will enable you to operate effectively and compliantly in this privacy-first ecosystem 

We will continue to add to these resources and our always available to help you navigate any challenges you are facing and help you get prepared. Reach out as we would love to hear from you.