IAB Canada’s TCF Framework Takes Home PICCASO’s Most Impactful Privacy Product or Service Award 2024 

IAB Canada is thrilled to have been awarded “Most Impactful Product/Service in Privacy” award at the inaugural PICCASO Privacy awards ceremony in Toronto June 11.  

IAB Canada was formally recognized for the development of a first-of-its-kind signal-based approach to privacy compliance in Canada. The Transparency Consent Framework (TCF Canada) allows all stakeholders in the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem to comply with privacy regulation in Canada as effectively as they do in the European market. The launch of TCF Canada has delivered the highly sought after “adequacy” that regulators have demanded of our industry.   

TCF Canada, launched in Q4 2023 ahead of Law 25 coming into force, allows consent management platforms (CMPs) to offer publishers a standardized means to communicate to consumers clearly and compliantly about how their data is being used at time of collection in accordance with both federal and provincial privacy legislation.    

This ground-breaking framework was the first in Canada to provide Canadians with a meaningful and technically sound method of understanding and managing the flow of their personal data online. Where prior solutions were born from similar intentions, the TCF has been recognized as the widely accepted technical approach to signalling downstream consent preferences to registered ad tech vendors. The premise of the framework is elegant in its simplicity. When a vendor receives a positive signal, it can proceed with confidence in interest-based advertising. Where no signal is present, vendors refrain from any data processing according to the preferences indicated by the consumer via the consent management platform. 

“We are thrilled to have been honoured with this prestigious award for delivering an exceptional framework for privacy compliance to the Canadian digital media industry. This was an enormous project that involved world class policy, technical and administrative talent. We are so grateful for the recognition of this industry collaboration as we continue to evolve its capabilities to match the rapidly changing privacy landscape in Canada and abroad.” ~Sonia Carreno, President, IAB Canada 

About Piccaso 

The PICCASO Awards Canada are the first in North America, celebrating the excellence in Canadian privacy thought leadership, policy and practice.  In recognition of the unique role Canada has played as a leader in privacy globally and regionally, it is fitting that the first international PICCASO Awards take place in Canada.  Whether it is leading legislation, thought leaders, privacy by design, organizational and privacy vendor innovations, Canada has had both national and global impact. 

Brought to you by PICCASO in collaboration with The Privacy Pro, and with the support of the PICCASO Canada Advisory Board, this is a first of its kind recognition and celebration of the breadth and depth of the privacy expertise, leadership and innovation in data and privacy in Canada. 

The PICCASO Awards recognize and celebrate what good looks like, opening up conversations about why a privacy culture should be at the heart of your privacy compliance & strategy, and how a culture of privacy can be embedded into organizations of all types and sizes.