New Standards Released for In-App Ads  

IAB Europe’s recent Guide to In-App Advertising shares an eMarketer estimate of 89% of mobile usage time now spent in-app. The pandemic contributed greatly to the tremendous growth of digital and in-app in multiple verticals like grocery, food delivery, health, fitness, and more. Mobile budgets continue to grow globally and, with that, comes pressure on the ad industry to ensure ad experiences are optimal for the consumers. It’s not surprising to see a timely launch from Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) to provide a standard for Moblie App Ads into market. 

As part of their ongoing effort to improve the online ad experience for consumers, the CBA conducted extensive research involving over 45,000 consumers from 7 countries to identify ad formats that were least preferred and considered the most disruptive and annoying to consumers within the mobile app environment. 

These include: 

  • Interruptive Interstitials 
  • Interruptive Video Interstitial 
  • Non-Skippable Interruptive Video Interstitials 
  • Video Interstitials When Opening an App  

This standard took effect in March of this year and joins the suite of standards put out by the CBA and its members. Advertisers, publishers, app developers, and advertising technology providers are encouraged to review the research and the Better Ads Standards, as part of their efforts in the marketplace to improve the online ad experience. 

The coalition is now working hard to examine the best way to expand Better Ads Standards to the in-feed environment. Focused on clarifying the definition of an in-feed environment which would include differentiating the environment from those covered by existing Better Ads Standards.  

As the CBA standards are an integral part of IAB Canada’s soon to be released Gold Standard Certification we actively participate in the CBA coalition. If you are an IAB Canada member and would like to be kept informed on any developments, we invite you to join our Gold Standard working group by reaching out to