15 Essential Digital Marketing and Media Questions That Will be Answered at X-Series: Metrics

Digital marketing and mediaIAB Canada is excited to bring you X-Series: Metrics at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto on December 4th. During the event, we’re unveiling the latest Canadian Media Usage Trends (CMUST) results and implications, PLUS brand new Canadian digital research insights from three senior, jury-selected speakers.

To give you a sneak peak of the types of questions that will be answered at the event by our speakers, we’ve compiled the list below. In addition to PHD’s Rob Young at this year’s X-Series Metrics, you’ll hear from Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility on location and mobile advertising, Ian Hewetson, VP Client Services at eyereturn marketing on measurability and viewability, and Franz Fontaine, VP Strategy at Seevibes on using smart data in social media.

Location and Mobile Advertising

1. What are the top app categories that provide GPS location data (entertainment, news, etc.)?
2. What are the methods of collecting mobile user location data?
3. How can I responsibly take advantage of mobile location targeting?
4. What are some ideas for combining geographical data with other methods of targeting on mobile?
5. How can I use location data to lift mobile advertising performance?

Measurability and Viewability

6. Why is it equally important to look at both measurability and viewability?
7. What are the key predictors of measurability and viewability?
8. How does viewability relate to conversions?
9. What is the influence of viewability on eCPM?
10. What are some good strategies to maximize viewability?

Smart Data & Social Media

11. How much of what is being talked about in social media is about TV viewing passions?
12. How do I determine which audiences are most likely to interact with which TV shows?
13. What is one of the most important success drivers in social media retargeting?
14. How can digital specialists help TV planners and buyers become more efficient?
15. What are the three ultimate benefits to media planning with real time smart data?

If you’re in the marketing or media fields, you don’t want to miss X-Series Metrics. The data you’ll learn will help you to achieve spectacular results for your clients. To learn more about the event and reserve your spot, click here. Seats are filling up fast so be sure to register today!