5 Reasons Why You Should Attend X-Series Metrics in Montreal

X-Series: Metrics - Canadian Media Usage Trends (CMUST) ResultsIf you’re in the Montreal area, be sure to join us for X-Series: Metrics on January 19th! We’re revealing the latest Canadian Media Usage Trends (CMUST) – French Canada results – plus unveiling brand new Canadian Media research.

Here are five reasons why you and your team should attend X-Series Metrics:

  1. You’ll be the first to learn the latest Canadian Media Usage Trends (CMUST) – French Canada results. You’ll also get an email with a link to your very own copy of the French Canada CMUST Executive Report.
  2. Rob Young, Sr. VP of Planning Services at PHD Canada and author of the CMUST report will host a Q&A secession after he presents his findings. You can ask Rob whatever burning questions are on your mind.

  4. You’ll see three new, jury-selected Canadian media research presentations. Our panel of five senior industry professionals selected the best three speaking proposals out of a total of 14 submissions. The criteria used to judge the submissions can be found here. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to grade the speakers yourself at the conference!

  6. You’ll get to ask questions to leaders in the digital advertising and research industries. There will be a Q&A after Naveed Ahmad of Addictive Mobility, Ian Hewetson of eyereturn marketing, and Pablo Gerstenfeld of Seevibes speak. Learn more about their presentations here.

  8. You’ll get answers to important questions about location in mobile advertising, maximizing campaign viewability, and smart data for social media retargeting. Here are some examples of some of the questions that will be answered:

    • What are the top app categories that provide GPS location data (entertainment, news, etc.)?
    • What are the methods of collecting mobile user location data?
    • What are the key factors of campaign measurability and viewability? How does fraud enter into the picture?
    • What is one of the most important success drivers in social media retargeting?
    • How can digital specialists help TV planners and buyers become more efficient?

If you’re in the marketing or media fields, you don’t want to miss out on the practical, new learning that will be presented at this event. Achieve better results for you and your clients,
register for X-Series: Metrics now!