Doing Business on CTV

IAB Canada continues to track the B2B market as trends emerge that are forcing marketers to rethink the usual tools of the trade to reach these elusive audiences. Given the niche targets that are actively in-market for very limited windows of time, brands must be there to meet the decisionmaker across micro-moments. While reliable media strategies involving event marketing, search, social media, and email remain as critical components to delivering against the B2B audiences, we’re seeing a shift towards tapping effective reach in the rapidly evolving space of Connected TV (CTV). 

Leveraging first party data to access audiences in CTV is gaining significant traction. Not only does the medium help increase their footprint, but it also shakes up the KPI dashboard. B2B marketers will have a whole new set of tools to help measure engagement as they continue to flock towards the new and exciting channel. 

We cannot wait to explore this and other CTV trends at our upcoming Data Night dedicated to the channel in Vancouver on November 2nd.

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