Minding the PET Store – Optable Talks Clean Rooms

Over the past 5 years, IAB Canada has been carefully watching the growth of DTC brands while anticipating their advanced use of digital channels due to their native understanding of first party data. Today, as we face privacy patchworks, cookie independence and a whole new world of addressability, it seems the entire industry is quickly waking up to a first party data reality. As we prepare for our Business of Digital: First Party Data Reality event on March 30th, we caught up with one of our topic sponsors, Optable, to get some insight into clean rooms and their role in this new landscape.  

IAB Canada: What does a clean room do for marketers looking to leverage their first party data? 

Optable: Secure data clean rooms allow marketers (and publishers) to collaborate with their partners by matching their first party identity graphs in a way that is safe, compliant, preserves user-privacy and maintains data-sovereignty. Once two or more partners understand the overlap of their users they can begin to plan, execute, and measure media without the use of 3rd party cookies.  

IABC: How does a clean room address Privacy concerns and work within a cookieless environment? 

Optable: At Optable, we use advanced cryptography and other Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) to ensure the underlying data is never shared and never exposed. It is not possible for the receiver of a matched audience in our platform to see the matches at a user level. There is no need for 3rd party cookies because clean rooms effectively become the connective tissue between audiences and can replace cookies as the way of matching users. 

IABC: Advertisers who have disparate sets of information may use data management platforms to keep it all organized. How do they connect their data intelligence into the marketplace to capitalize on smart and efficient media placement? 

Optable: Having a well-orchestrated and well thought out first party data strategy is essential to being able to benefit from data clean rooms and data collaboration. Once a marketer has created an audience in their DMP or CDP they can simply make it addressable to our platform via an API, open a data clean room and invite their partners in to collaborate.  

We look forward to delving deeply into the new rules of engagement on March 30th and are thrilled to have topic sponsors like Optable featured in our discussions! 

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