Privacy Back on the Scene – Federal Movement & Quebec Guidance

Just last week, on the heels of another high-profile brand finding themselves in hot water with the OPC, Minister Champaign expressed his party’s strong desire to get back to work on the Digital Charter and drafting new federal privacy legislation is part of his plan. Today’s news that Prime Minister Trudeau has nominated Philippe Dufresne as the new Privacy Commissioner puts the Liberals one step closer to a new set of rules with greater protections for Canadians. 

The timing couldn’t be better for our recent announcement to bring TCF Canada to market in the coming weeks. Our engineers are working overtime to put the finishing touches on this best-in-class consent management framework which, while designed to work within PIPEDA, can easily be adapted for any new requirements that hit our industry.  

Also, in public commentary, is the IAB Tech Lab’s Global Privacy Platform. This technical protocol is a transport layer to carry transparency and control signaling throughout the digital supply chain supporting multiple jurisdictions and ensuring that consumer controls are represented based on where they reside, where they may be visiting, and what the first party chose to allow. TCF Canada will be supported by the GPP and we encourage you to provide your feedback on the technical specifications. 

Meanwhile, our team is still at work preparing our industry for the newly passed Quebec privacy legislation. With our upcoming privacy course – “Privacy First Essentials for Digital Advertising Professionals”, interested members can arm themselves with the tools they need to create and manage their own privacy programs.  

We are also releasing a set of much needed guidance documents created by leading Canadian privacy experts working with national and regional industry associations (including IAB Canada) to help navigate the new requirements. Believing that a harmonized approach to privacy law across Canadian jurisdictions is important so that the rules are understandable for individuals and enterprises, this group has created what we think, is appropriate guidance for interpreting some of the more challenging provisions of the Act. You can find both French and English versions here

If you would like to join the privacy conversation, please reach out to