IAB Tech Lab Releases Data Clean Room Standards for Public Commentary

While the industry is in the thick of Moving Towards Cookie independence, publishers and marketers are shoring up their first party data and looking to Data Clean Rooms (DCRs) to provide a privacy-enhanced means for addressing audiences, enriching first party data and to deliver measurement & optimization. The tech is in the early stages of adoption, but the uptick has accelerated in recent months with new offerings being made available and awareness on the rise.  

A major obstacle in the way of sustainable growth of DCRs, has been the lack of foundational standards to ensure interoperability across players. IAB Tech Lab has been cracking away at this issue and today released a set of common DCR principles, marketing and advertising use cases, and operating recommendations to help organizations better understand, evaluate, and implement a Data Clean Room.  

We encourage our members to review the recommendations and standards to provide feedback and commentary to ensure the Canadian market is heard. It’s been a hot topic this week and we are looking forward to our Data Night Clean Room event on the 23rd of February, in Toronto where we will have industry leaders discuss the lay of the land – join us for an evening of unplugged DCR talk. 

Public comment period ends on Monday, Apr 17, 2023