IAB Tech Lab’s First Addressability Specification – Seller Defined Audiences (SDA)

On theme for our upcoming Business of Digital “First Party Reality - The New Rules of Engagement” event on March 30, 2022, IAB Tech Lab has just released a highly anticipated new specification that will enable publishers to organize their inventory by leveraging first party data. 

Born within Project Rearc, and off the heels of IAB Canada’s recently released Guide to Seller Defined Audiences, is the first addressability specification – Seller Defined Audiences (SDA). This spec allows publishers (or their data partners) to: 

  1. Determine audience attributes based on user interactions on their properties 
  1. Map similar groups of users to broad, standardized taxonomy attribute descriptions (Audience Taxonomy
  1. Document audience characteristics/metadata via a standardized transparency schema (the Data Transparency Standard aka DTS) 
  1. Relay taxonomy IDs within OpenRTB to inform downstream signaling by buyers 

As the only addressability system that focuses exclusively on empowering individual publishers to develop and scale anonymized first party data sets – across browser, app, and OTT/CTV environments – instead of relying on external systems that aggregate and normalize audience data points across publisher domains, this spec is a game changer.  

Key benefits include: 

  • Can be used for inventory across all browsers, apps, and OTT/CTV environments 
  • Does not rely on cookies/mobile IDs; or new, untested browser technology 
  • Protects against publisher data leakage 
  • Replicates PMP-like performance without having to rely on manual deal-ID creation 
  • Already broadly adopted and integrated across Prebid.org install base 
  • De-commoditizes publisher data and facilitates competition based on underlying quality components 

To learn more about SDA please review Tech Lab’s blog post here. The full specification can be downloaded here and implementation questions can be sent to addressability@iabtechlab.com

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